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Gas and Water Lines

Gas Line Repair and Installation         Water Line Repair and Installation

Columbus Gas Leak Detection, Line Repair and Installation
Complete Gas Line Service and Gas Leak Detection
Are you contemplating of upgrading to a gas range or gas dryer?  Are you thinking of installing a gas fireplace so you can enjoy the comfort and ambiance of a warm crackling fire on a cold winter night? A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair can help.
Our highly trained team of plumbers are certified and qualified to take on plumbing jobs of all types. Contrary to popular belief, plumbing doesn't always involve water. Many times, it involves gas, gas lines and water lines.  There are many risks when running gas lines into your home.  A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair will never take these potential life-threatening risks lightly.
A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair has over 38 years of experience in installing gas lines. We can expertly install a gas supply line to any gas-fired appliance in your home.  We can also remove or relocate existing gas lines. We are trusted professionals for all gas line repairs and gas line sizing service.  A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair will accommodate the appropriate requirements for any new gas appliances in your home.
Gas Line Leak Detection
A gas leak is a very serious situation that needs immediate attention. If you smell gas in your home, quickly leave and call A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair from a neighbor’s home. Gas line leaks are very dangerous and need the attention of a highly trained certified and licensed professional. Be safe!
Call A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair today and have your gas lines inspected for leaks and potential needed repairs. Our licensed plumbers are certified to work on all gas line repairs.  No matter what your gas leak problem may be.  We will locate and provide proper gas line repairs to make certain your gas lines are leak free and in top condition. Do not ignore your gas leak or attempt to make the repairs yourself.  This dangerous situation that requires a true professional.  For the very best in gas leak detection and resolution, call A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair today!
Columbus, Ohio Water and Sewer Line Repair
Family-owned and operated A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair has offered reliable sewer line and water line installation and repair to the Columbus, Ohio community, since 1972. We offer water line and sewer line repair and installation for homes and businesses. With a plumbing team that has years of experience, our track record of excellence has earned us the reputation as one of the best plumbing services companies in the industry.
A water pipe leak can be a serious problem and result in big damages to your home. Even small leaks, left undetected, can damage the home's structure and grow dangerous molds. Hidden leaks can be found quickly with ultrasonic leak detection, saving you time and money.
You can count on A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair for a rapid response, quality work, and great warranties. We will do all we can to earn your respect and trust. We want you to refer our company to others. That is how our company has survived for 40 years.
Flooding the Home
If you are experiencing a water pipe leak that is flooding your home right now:
Immediately turn the main line shut off valve off to the home.
If you are unsure how to do that, call A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair and we will tell you where to locate the main line shut-off.
If you don't feel comfortable, turning the water off, let us know and A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair will have a technician to your location within minutes.
Pinhole Leaks on Copper Pipe
Some of Franklin County’s water has a corrosive effect on copper water pipes. The result is a steady corrosion of the copper pipes. This effect will release copper oxide and lead from the solder joints into the drinking water. If left alone this can be a detrimental health hazard.
As the interior of the pipe begins to deteriorate tiny pinholes develop that will cause leaks. These pinholes can be located and repaired with the help of ultra-sonic leak detection; eventually the pipe system must be replaced with new pipes. This procedure is known as a re-pipe. To learn more about that process call A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair for your FREE In-Home Inspection and Estimate.
High Water Bill
If your home's water bill is suddenly higher than normal or you hear a hissing noise in the walls near the plumbing, you might be experiencing an underground water leak. Make sure nothing else is running - Double check outside faucets, lawn irrigation system or if one of the toilets is running. If you continue to hear the sound, call A Buckeye Rooter Plumbing Repair.
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